We formed Dovetail Labs because we believe in a critical and engaged social science. Developing ethical, fair, accountable, transparent, and inclusive technologies requires the meaningful participation of scholars from a wide range of fields—from philosophers to computer scientists—and social scientists have a crucial role to play.



Social science scholarship has produced essential knowledge about complex social systems and networks, structures of power, and the intersection of science, technology, and society. Our aim is to clearly communicate the insights of a critical, theoretically-sophisticated and methodologically-informed social science.

Our commitment as a Public Benefit Corporation lies with numerous stakeholders: policy makers, foundations, human rights groups, companies developing technologies, and civil society more broadly. We work with stakeholders to help them better understand and address the real and pressing social impacts presented by emerging technologies.



Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and its applications, have the potential to serve the common good, but there is ample evidence that they also have the capacity to re-entrench social and economic disparity and deepen social divides. We believe that social scientists have an ethical obligation to bring our knowledge directly to bear on sociotechnical systems to help mitigate their harms and extend their benefits.



We believe that a critical and engaged social science can transform the way we, as a society, shape the technologies that are shaping the social worlds we live in. We believe that critical analysis is a first step, not a destination. Critique should be the basis for transformative action.