FOUNDER; Executive Director

Alexa Hagerty is an anthropologist and co-founder of Dovetail Labs. Her research focuses on the intersection of human rights and technology. Trained in social science and philosophy, she is interested in how ethical ideals take shape in the real world and how technology mediates and shapes our lived ethical experiences. Her research has received honors and funding from the National Science Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the American Ethnological Society, and the Social Science Research Council, among others. She regularly publishes in academic journals and the popular press, with recent work appearing in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Social Anthropology, Terrain, Pacific Standard Magazine and at the museum Palais de Tokyo. She has a Master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a PhD from Stanford University.


Igor (Gary) Rubinov, PhD

co-FOUNDER; Director of Operations

Gary is a scholar, practitioner, and activist. He has conducted nearly two years of ethnographic fieldwork in Central Asia and on the last visit rescued a delightful cat named Sula. His research has been funded by the NSF, SSRC, IREX and the Princeton Environmental Institute. Gary has published his research in an edited volume, as research reports, and in peer-reviewed journals, always training attention on the ingenuity and perseverance of people facing adversity. Dr. Rubinov is a Senior Consultant at the Public Equity Group. He holds a PhD in Anthropology from Princeton University, an MA in International Development & Social Change from Clark University, and a BA in Anthropology from Cornell University.


Nethra Samarawickrema

Director of Ethnography and Design

Nethra Samarawickrema is a cultural anthropologist and a PhD Candidate at Stanford University. Drawing on her research in the anthropology of work and her training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), an empathy-based process of conflict resolution, she is passionate about supporting organizations to create meaningful work, reinvent workplace cultures, and foster collaborative relationships. She brings a unique approach that combines ethnography, design thinking, and techniques of empathetic listening to design processes that allow teams to build understanding across differences, engage in difficult conversations in a way that feels safe, and give and receive feedback to enhance collaboration. Her academic research has been funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation and the National Science Foundation. She currently runs the Geballe Research Workshop, “Worlds of Work and the Work of Networks,” at Stanford University.


Chisato Fukuda Calvert, PhD

Director of Strategy

Chisato Fukuda Calvert, Ph.D. has over a decade of professional experience working in international development, non-profit, and community engagement sectors to catalyze social impact in underserved communities across the globe. Her personal and professional commitment has been to apply anthropological knowledge and tools to develop solutions to tackle social disparities and create a more inclusive and equitable world. She specializes in strategy development, partnership building, and multi-stakeholder facilitation. As a trained anthropologist, she has conducted research extensively across Asia including in Mongolia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Her dissertation research, focused on health disparities caused by air pollution exposure in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia has received funding from the National Science Foundation, Wenner-Gren Foundation, Fulbright Institute, among others. Chisato earned her Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Bucknell University.

Chisato Calvert Headshot.jpg

Research Community

Shazeda Ahmed, PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley, School of Information

Leah M. Ashe, PhD, Cardiff University, Planning and Geography; Postdoctoral scholar, University of Notre Dame’s Center for Science, Technology, and Values

Bianca Vienni Baptista, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher, ETH Zürich (Switzerland), USYS Transdisciplinary Lab (TDLab)

Renata Barreto, JD/PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley, Jurisprudence & Social Policy

Marten Boekelo, PhD, Postdoctoral scholar, Wageningen University, Environmental Policy; PhD, University of Amsterdam

Bidisha Chaudhuri, PhD, Assistant Professor, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

Ivana Damnjanović, PhD, University of Belgrade, Political Theory

Gabriele de Seta, PhD, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Sociology

Zoe Rose Hatten, PhD, Australian National University, Anthropology

Torin S. Jones, PhD Candidate, Stanford University, Anthropology

Kalpana Shankar, PhD, Professor, University College Dublin

Joanna Steinhardt, PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz, Anthropology

Tomo Sugimoto, PhD, Stanford University, Anthropology; Postdoctoral scholar, Yale University