Dovetail Labs provides in-depth, socially situated analysis to help tackle the most pressing issues in the tech sector.

We provide consulting services to evaluate, predict, and assess the social impacts of technologies at all stages, from design and development to implementation and monitoring. We work with leaders, organizations, and communities to understand their culture and values, establish ethical frameworks, and assess existing processes. We facilitate trainings and workshops to dig deeper into issues of tech ethics.

Drawing from ethnography, critical theory and design thinking, our approach allows leaders and teams to define problems, understand social context, and explore solutions.


We utilize a powerful toolbox of qualitative and quantitative methods to provide a full range of research services:

  • Socio-economic foresight analysis: Survey scholarly literature on current & future impacts of a technology

  • Ethical impact analysis: Conduct contingency analysis to evaluate potential ethical impacts of a technology

  • Social insights research: Carry out ethnographic observation, interviews, surveys, and focus groups

  • Data analysis: Evaluate datasets to reveal social systems patterns and synthesize findings

  • Fieldwork: Organize and deliver short- and long-term ethnographic research in field sites around the world


We provide ethnographically-informed assessment of social and ethical impacts of technologies. We draw on methodologies from algorithmic impact assessment (AIA) and human rights impact assessment (HRIA) protocols.

Carefully tracking technologies enables a nuanced assessment of their social impacts. Monitoring allows stakeholders to anticipate and mitigate unexpected and unwanted consequences. Impact assessment is crucial to ensuring that existing technologies are ethical, fair, accountable, transparent, and inclusive, and provides critical guidance for future technological design.